Volunteers Needed!
Volunteers are needed to serve on the AEYBA Board and for the various support services. All families are required to volunteer a set amount of time and serving on the board counts! 

Remember, this program has grown due to the support from people like you and it's future relies on you. Volunteer Now!

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The AEYBA Tournament schedules will be listed below. Other tournaments will also be posted here as the information is received. For other club tournaments, please verify the information with each respective club - do not rely solely on the information posted here.

Volunteer Sign-Up 

The AEYBA tournaments provide all member families with the opportunity to fulfill the required volunteer hours.

To view volunteer opportunities, click on one of the dates to the right.

AEYBA Hosts Girls
State Tournament
AEYBA needs your help in hosting this tournament as well as all other AEYBA hosted tournaments.  From concessions to room monitoring and everything in between, tournaments can't be successful without the help of many hands.

Click below to view the volunteer schedules and available volunteer opportunities. 
Your Feedback Requested
Each year, we strive to provide an improved program for your son or daughter.  Your feedback is an important part of the program improvements each year.  Please take a moment to provide us with your feedback:  Parent Feedback Form
7th-8th Girls
3rd-6th Girls
7th-8th Boys
3rd-6th Boys
Gr 5 State Trny
Gr 5 State Trny

The AEYBA is proud to host the 5th Grade Girls State Tournament again this year.
2013-2014 AEYBA Tournament Dates and Volunteer Schedules  
November 9th
December 14th 
January 11th
February 1st
April 5th
April 6th

2013-2014 AEYBA Tournament Team Entry Forms  
The above Volunteer Schedule links will bring you to our new Volunteer website allowing you to view and update your volunteer requirements as desired.  Please note you are only allowed to drop a volunteer timeslot up to 14 days ahead of the event and you are responsible to find a replacement if you find you are within this 14 day window.