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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I volunteer to help at an AEYBA tournament?

With the new AEYBA website, we now have an easier Volunteer management system called Dibs!  You can quickly get to the new Volunteer system by clicking the Dibs button above or simply follow the link here.

With Dibs, you are now able to browse and view assigned tournament volunteer sessions and claim responsibility. Members then complete Dibs items to fulfill their requirements.  Please note you are only allowed to drop a volunteer timeslot up to 14 days ahead of the event and you are responsible to find a replacement if you find you are within this 14 day window.

Below is the step by step process to claim a volunteer opportunity (AKA “Dibs item”). 

1)      Go to

2)      Click on the login at the top left of the page your unique member id and password. 

3)      After you successfully log in, you will see your username in the upper left corner. Click on the Dibs button off the site navigation bar. - OR - Click on the drop down arrow next to your username. Select Dibs from the menu list

4)      Select the any of the available tournament DIBS sessions to view the available volunteer opportunities for that tournament (DIBS Items).

5)      Use the filter selections and press “Filter Dib Items” to narrow the list of available volunteer opportunities (Dib Items).

**NOTE*** Only available DIBS items will be displayed.  Those that are already claimed will not be visible to you.

6)      Click on the Dib Item to view more information on this volunteer opportunity.  To claim this volunteer opportunity, click on “CLAIM THIS DIB ITEM”. NOTE: 

7)      Enter player name, volunteer name, and volunteer telephone number then click “Claim Dib Item”.  *** All players connected to your login id will be available for selection within the “Claim Dib Item on Behalf of” list.

8)      Successful claims will be confirmed on the following screen.  E-mail confirmations and reminders will also be sent through the system.

***NOTE*** When a you claim a Dib Item (shift), an Admin from the organization must grant completion of the item for you before your account receives the credit value.  Be sure to sign in/out at the volunteer event when you provide your service hours so we can grant you with these credits.

How can I reset my password?

You will be able to recover your usernames and reset your own passwords through this system.  Please click HERE to view a helpful post from our online service provider on how to reset your password and to determine your username.

How do Players Register?

Players must register online each year.

To register, you must have access to an e-mail account and use an existing or create a new Sport Ngin account.  Click HERE if you need information on how to create this account through Ngin, our online service provider.

More information related to registration and a link to the online registration forms can be found  HERE.

How do I change my primary email address or add a secondary email to my account?

You will be able to update the primary e-mail address associated with your membership account and add or remove secondary e-mail addresses through this system. Please click HERE to view a helpful post from our online service provider on how to perform this step.