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Play Better With Practice!

Play Better!

"They say good things come to those who wait. I believe good things come to those who work." Wilt Chamberlain

Nothing in basketball, even for the best players, is acheived without hard work.  But the work can also be fun!  Here you will find a compilation of challenges, instructional activities, and videos which will help your game improve and increase your enjoyment of basketball through improved play!

2017 Appleton East 10,000 Shot Club

The AEYBA Coaches have talked about establishing a goal for our AEYBA and high school players of making 10,000 shots this summer.  Attached are general comments about the shots to be taken as well as rules and calendars to be used to record made shots.  The calendars need to be signed off each month by a parent validating the legitimacy of the made shot number on any given month by their son or daughter.  The calendar sheets will need to be turned into the high school or AEYBA coach by October 16th.

Coach Mielke has included a couple daily workouts as an example for players so that they understand they need to make a variety of shots using different footwork.   Ultimately the coaches want the players to create their own workouts.  They know their strengths and weaknesses and need to make sure to work on both, but certainly don’t neglect either category. 

Please see the documents below for further details on the program.

Attention AEYBA Players and Parents - Summer Open Gym Times

Details will be announced as soon as dates and times are finalized!